killmania lyrics – wrath

scratched & bruised and beaten wrecks
exiled to the streets
their own fate is their worst enemy
beg, sell, and steal to eat
offer you the world they own
it’s just a ploy, a hidden sin
you can’t erase a worthless past
in this arena no one wins

will they leave me be?
living like a leach
never gonna leave
insane society

in your face, a wall of sm*t
ruling in this land
the goods they sell are cyanide
waiting to change hands
you’ll never know where they’ve been
or what they’re going to do
the disease of the environment
will push itself on you

[repeat chorus]

selling of their body is all the world they have
they need a fix so bad under the skin
life is really sad
but this is the world that they choose
a junkie of the streets
a victim of addiction, the one that can’t be beat

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