killer lyrics – deathboy

i don’t care what you think
when you beat me up it’s so sublime
your little world is indistinct
when you look at me you’re losing time

so you hate me
well yeah, i hate me
and when i see me
i’m gonna f*ck me up

you wanna hurt me
well i wanna burn me
i wanna kill me.
only way i know to shut me up

well this is my solution
blood red epiphany
this is my salvation
won’t you share with me?

this is absolution
my longevity
this is advocation
what i need to be

fly. now.
kill your friends.
feed the hate
that never ends.

fly. now.
my pretty one.
don’t ever stop
or come undone.

fly. now.
do what i say.
they’ll never catch you

fly now.
coz thou art god.
and that’s all they ever

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