kill and possess lyrics – fastkill

satisfy the need, good day for killing
the ultimate sacrifice has come to us
l*sting for your flesh, forbidden desire
sickened evil minds, manipulated death

blood begins to boil, start the binge
blasted to h*ll, the end is near
nothing you can change, silence seems so strange
no one hears you scream at night

get the gun, get the weapons
eat the flesh, eat the guns
hate god, hail the devil
kill, kill, kill and possess

rot in heaven, rot in h*ll
no way to repent from your wicked lies
holy water turns to blood
taste it as the sky turns to red

die in the pentagram where you’ll be slaughtered
immolate your soul in the name of the devil
unholy priest hold your cross higher
your fate is to rot, burn in h*ll

heaven defiled
christ denied
evil desire
burning in h*ll

masters of evil
blasters of h*ll
from f*cking h*ll

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