ketchum lyrics – ben lee

today i got my call from ketchum idaho
from hemingway and railways and whiskey wine and snow
but if you’ve never been in pain before then i guess, you wouldn’t know

i’m leaving in a while now for ketchum’s icy sting
to walk and fish and write some songs to stay up late and drink
and if i stay there long enough then i’ll never feel a thing

and ketchum will be good to you if are strong and brave
she caters to the melancholy every single day
and babbles like a drunk old man unloading all his pain

i’ll lock myself in ketchum’s stare, i’ll make her my whole world
i’m gonna roam the ketchum streets to find a ketchum girl
and then i’ll let her break my heart ‘cos that’s all that i do well

the valley will become my home her hills will keep me safe
i’ll give her songs about my soul when there’s no soul left to take
and i’ll forget, i ever lived in any other place

and it may seem inevitable, i would love this fate
so beautiful and tragic and her heroes can’t escape
and hemingway he shot himself one july evening late

but me i couldn’t bring myself to bl**dy ketchum’s name
underneath her p*ssion boils, never spoils surface tame
i’ll slowly let her kill me with her lonely wind and rain
her lonely tears and pain

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