just say yeah lyrics – jackson browne

i wanted to be somebody you’d see
when you’re feeling good
i started looking for your little mg
in my neighborhood

i started feeling kind of funny and free
when you were around
and i began to cook up a plan to
take you out of town

not really dating, we were relating
we were friends
it’s hard to say where the relating leaves off
and where loves begins

a friend will tell you all kinds of stuff
that a lover won’t
and you would think you would see love coming
but of course, you don’t

i want to hold you, don’t want to mold you
into someone else
i never could have invented you
or written you so well

i never met another woman who
possessed your particular charms
i want to be that man who will see that
you never come to harm

must have been you i dreamed of
yeah, that was you all right
you were the laughter, i was listening to
standing in the light

you were the lover in the sunrise
who had begun to slip away
though i was just a kid
i must have known you’d be real someday

i want to know you, i want to show you
that you’re not alone
you’ve been the only thing steadyin’ me
and i guess we’ve both known

maybe you never were that ready to see
that i could take you there
well, that was then but this is when
i need to hear you say, yeah
baby, just say, yeah
baby, just say, yeah

yeah, yeah, baby
just say, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
baby, just say, yeah

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