just a little bit lyrics – final truth

well i spent half of my life
chasin’ after my dreams
and the other half chasin’ you.
i want you both so bad
i can almost taste it.
let’s just say there’s nothing i won’t do.
when i first saw you,
you were sittin alone
with a halo hangin over your head.
how was i to know
that it wouldn’t be long
till the very first day that we met.
well, i want your love
(just a little bit)
i need your love
(just a little bit)
i can’t live without your love
so won’t you give it all?
i lie awake in the dead of the night,
with a question roaming my mind.
are you thinking of me?
just give me a sign. yeah.
my dreams are starting to come true.
all i need is you to pull me through.
hand and hand we can conquer all.
my dreams and love for you is all.

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