junkies prayer lyrics – fishbone

my pusher who art in the krack house
hallowed be thy b*tches and hoe’s

as for i am sprung my rock will be done
in my crib as well as in public

give us this day our daily krack

as we smoke ourselves into a manic frenzy

forgive us for we have no control or self-respect

grim reaper has cashed my life savings check
thy rocketh and they pipeth restoreth me 4 i and i fear no man

yea though i walk through the valleys of harlem, bronx, manhattan
even nickerson gardens, compton, watts, ingelwood
f*cked up in beverly hills and all those other places

i fear no evil, hence forth my rock m-m-m-m-motivateth me i’ll move
my *ss thine myself given you cash

lick your b*tt and b*lls for thine have the power to bend over
on my knees with my hands against the wall, for i’ll be a sucker
forever and ever and ever hey man

the rest are the reality of its surroundings

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