journey across the sea lyrics – midnight odyssey

from afar these strangers came
with fire in their eyes
their swords were jewelled, their shields adorned
their tongues all spoke of lies

they burnt our shrines, they killed our gods
they took all that we owned
they raped our wives and killed the men
some hung and some were stoned

but from this day i will return a man so strong and brave
i’ll claim the land, my stolen home
their blood my father’s gave
with an army a million strong, i’ll march for their glory
and they shall fear my name before i sail across the sea

i am the storms, that crash into the sea
i am the serpent who lurks in waters deep
eternal vengeance, fuels my inner soul
a reclamation of all that you stole

i am the vermin, that bite at your feet
i am the howling, unsettling your sleep
and in your visions, you see the flames
death is returning, and wrath is his name

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