johnny in the morning (just havin’ fun) lyrics – jonathan brandmeier

(jonathon brandmeier)
well people say i’m crazy
some say i’m insane
some say i’m immature
some say i’m inhumane
ah, let ’em squawk
‘cuz i don’t care
what they throw my way
yeah, i’m plaing tunes
in the valley of the loons
and loving it every day
i’m just havin’ fun
can’t ya see
and i ain’t out to hurt no one
but there’s a few of ’em after me
now, life goes too fast
so i’m just trying to make it last
i’ll be “johnny in the morning”
just as long as i can be
now they’re strangling ducks in tempe
he’s got a crowbar in his head
they’re eating dogs in california
and blowing off donkey’s heads
they got rats in the sewer with spaghetti-o’s
and disco killing mice
wel it’s stories like these
full of stink and sleaze
that make my job so nice
well i get up ‘fore the sun does
to go on the radio
yeah, the folks they should put in a mental home
they just put ’em on my show
you got the singing loon, roscoe too
don’t forget the repet*tion kid
you got yvonne in heat, sound so darn sweet
she’s trying to get me into bed
people, you know i love you
you really make my day
and until i get a better offer
well this is where i’m gonna stay
and i’ll be “johnny in the morning”
just as long as i can be
good morning to ya buddy
and i’ll be “johnny in the morning”
just as long as i can be
eric wincentsen “telephone call for dr. paradox…” -dread zeppelin, “jungle boogie”
glendale community college,
glendale, arizona “hug the world and sit on its face!”

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