jimmy james lyrics – beastie boys

people how you doing? there? s a new day dawning
for the earth mother it? s a brand new morning
such a long while there? s been such a longing
but now the sun is shining let? s roll back the awning

this is a type of kinda like a formal dedication
giving out a shout for much inspiration
all i ever really want to do is get nice
get loose and goof my little slice of life

sendin? out love to all corners of the land
i jump up on the stage and take the mic in my hand
i’m not playin? the role, just being who i am
and if you try to dis me i couldn? t give a d*mn
? cause i? m rockin?, rockin’, rockin’, rock, rock, rockin’

get down, rock, rock, rock on
rock, rock, rock on
rock, rock, rock on

mic, mic, mic control
mic, mic, mic control
mic, mic, mic, mic control, can you get my drift?

b*ss from the back of my car feels soothing
eight bazookas is what i? m using
i? m mike d and it? s been proven
i love it when i see the party people just movin?

strapped on the ear goggles and what did i see
but the music brought the people into harmony
ah for the black’s, puerto rican’s and the white people too

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