jesus land lyrics – mist

“the lord moves in mysterious ways…”

at every step, every time i go ahead
ground disappears under my feet
my head gets heavier, my shoulders hurt
was it a mistake to trust you?
your heaven’s my h*ll!

where did you leave me?

do you suffer for my wounds or laugh at my despair?
i showed you my fears
why do you scorn me this way?
remove the nails that fix me to my punishment
then i’ll run away so far, so far

f*ck off my brothers
filthy and bad
low and unhappy
i live in the sty

oh, god of men, don’t leave me now
i can kneel down in these fields of lies
and i can kneel down!

good-bye daddy, forget everything
please, let me wash your clear hands
i was the blind son who believed you
i am the blind son who believes you…

and i can keel down…

where did you leave me?

the time is going round, my eyes distort the light
i can’t breathe ‘cause the weight of the world is in my
the thin dust of charity is dropping out of my hands
i’m sorry, father, i’m just a kid asking why

where did you leave me?

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