jericha lyrics – chandelier

no tale to tell from ancient times
it was only yesterday that i was out for rhymes
loitering down the streets without destination
kicking away the heavy weights with a smile on my feet
no direction, no affection – dazzled by the mighty blow
hit by the weird and beautiful choir
that knew their song so well and they sang:
“we laugh about your way, cripple! we feel your pain! ”
going crazy, running blind
trying hate, tears behind
it took me away
i took myself away
and the moon, of course the moon
there’s life to tell from present days
the choir went away for the smile was on my face
suddenly my home was reach
seven times i marched inside her
and her walls began to fall
eternity won’t satisfy
future has been great
our life’s a flash
in the universal rain
you stopped my heart from loosing blood
you kissed my soul alive
and the dreams we’ll celebrating
jericha, all of me is for you

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