jarnauga lyrics – rimmersgard

once upon a time the wise man stood
on the wall of naglimund
his eyes of brightest blue
he gazes out afar

man with iron eyes
man from tungoldyr

silent he watches the plains
near the weldhelm-hills
dark clouds fill the air

“what do you see, oh rimmersman?”
askes his friend, the bard

with sorrow in his eyes, afraid
oh, man from northland high

– the fires of sturmrspeik are set ablaze –
– from tungoldyr i saw their smoke nine days –
– and eight nights their flames –
– the whitefoxes are awake again –
– and they seek the children in the darkness –
– someone hath knocked on dangerous gates –

so then he closes his eyes, just for a while
to see what they can’t see

who seeks to attack naglimund
man and whitefox ride

jarnauga saw them from afar
no other one could see yet on naglimund
black clouds over sturmrspeik
eerie fires glow
hikeda’ya were to strong

jarnauga – bearer of the scroll
sacrificed his life
died to save his friends

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