iv: the saints of gomorrah lyrics – venetia fair

i surmised it, now it’s time to exercise it
blindly buying lies but now it’s time to scrutinize it
shhh, stop whining, why untie you while you’re fighting?
sign the dotted line so i can file your body when i’ve
found a sign

like the saints of gomorrah
i can tell you’re scared
but the saints, i *ssure you
came to understand that
sometimes you gotta crack a couple eggs….

sir or madam, pardon me i’m hardly mad
i simply have to have that charming addled brain you’re
gifted horses, lifted lips explored remorseless
just a peak inside
i’m sure he’s only hiding because i can see i’m onto
something big…

there was a plan
something greater at hand

there’s a child in gomorrah
innocent and pure
even god can’t *ssure you’ll get what you deserve!

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