it’s time lyrics – virgin snatch

we’d like to dedicate this song in loving memory of
witold “vitek” kiełtyka

the time is coming
it came to p*ss one fateful day
still remaining
i still see your skills
i have to dry my tears

the time was running
why did you give no hint that day?
did you loose the path?
or did you go astray?

if i could break down these f*cking walls
shout your name at heaven’s gate
& calling you and change the fate

the time is coming
another pack of cigarettes
the smoke is running
but heaven. forever
waits for those who’re young

the time is running
i can’t believe you will not be here alive
waking up and falling asleep

every breath can be the last
forthcoming memories
our life has gone too fast
still running. following

i cannot make up the fire
i don’t believe in the paradise
you are wanted still alive

why cannot you shoulder the blame
the river meets the sea again
so don’t ask me about tomorrow

now there is nothing left to say.
you grow much stronger every day
the shadow still resembles you

[solo: vogg (wacek kiełtyka)]

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