it’s my party lyrics – gucci mane

[chorus: x2]
it’s my party buy a dub if you want to, dirty if you want
to, whatever i front chu, a block on da plate take a line
if you want to, you know dat chu want to i know wat chu
goin through

[verse 1:]
ridin down the half thirty bags of da drought, gucci run
da six with a pot and a fork, h*ll yeah i rob, h*ll yeah
i steal, h*ll yeah i smoke drank and pop pills, n*gg* dis
my party where do u live, who let chu in who’d chu get
her, gucci go bunka, mad da flow is monster, old folks
wonder how i ride hummer, corvette, old skool vert look
like tonka, 4d gangsta me coru and rocker, choppa, might
jump out just like flocka, n*gg* try us be missin like
jenny harper so icey

[verse 2:]
i’m brown, da cut leak moett might leak out, million
dolla trap out n i just cashed out, got da red card tons
it can’t max out, n i bring packs out, thrax out sacks
out, it’s my block dats where dem slengs get slammed out
and issue dat crack out try to take my crack house, can i
suck yo d*ck, h*ll nah u junkie b*tch, can’t touch my
work i’ll beat cho worthless peace of sh*t, i’m up three
million and dats just hittin licks, i sell white ick, all
time base bricks, safety compartment safety deposit glock
no safety i already c*cked it, gucci toat bags can’t fit
in da wallet, i’m all bout da profit so feds can’t watch

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