it’s a boy lyrics – da other gang

what is up i don’t want to lie
i never liked science or bill nye
i don’t know what’s next so i’ll keep a beet
i like grilled cheese and rotting meat

growin’ up i was a trobled kid
i don’t know why i did the things i did
when my mom would tell me it’s time for bed
i would jump up and put a fork in her head
but then one day i was walkin’ to school
a man came up by the public pool
he said hey little boy, wanna swim
i said ok and then i joined him

i had a dream, like never before
i saw bill cosby standing in my door
he said son, i know what you think
you gotta buy your women a lot of mink
but that’s not true, you gotta do more
women, can leave a man poor

how am i gonna concentrate when 300 mad spartans are running around with fake abbs and speedos.
who could concentrate during such madness.

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