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isolation icon & the blackguard

i unmasked my genesis, this given inbound patricide
while clairvoyance killed the super-ego and this all meaning died.
i beheld a million brainchildren murdered on the illiberal pyre
and an implacable pandemonium of a prodigious wobbling hive
draped in abounding droning shapes
gifted a bluebottle fleece
hymns scribbled in a spidery hand
caught shifting in the breeze
as a rabis tragedian, accosting this imbecile morale
while impeaching their cerulean innocence my laceration of faith prevailed.
debonairity instantly gifted,
i now fail to bewail their fall,
as i sneer at their febrile fear and halter their moribound call.
patron of misanthropy
avatar of sanity
a bulwark in heathen lands
blasted flawless by the sand
embellished by its drudges and moldering sanctimony survives
through incessant mystical obese which the samblance of truth denies.
self-abnegation resounding and abjected to a gallantry-show,
of needless flimsy threats – this the humans of earth bestow.
tracing lines with mounting glee
flashed a web-cracked smile
eldritch turns of father time
concoction of mead and bile
boundless preternatural wrangling and baspattering
profound, in quile and iconolatry and gormless m*ss
is bound. fragmentation of the perceptive and in the
nebulous enwrapped, signing the great necrology – by
odius gibber entrapped.
widower of a numbing host
communal vestigial bride
litaire of immaculate zeal
reinforce the “i”
in the maelstrom still imploring in coltish laboured
need, the headsmen of heterogeneity are a gasping noxious
breed. dissimulating the plausible,
nugatory accolade of disillusion,
with eveningsongs of undiluted clemency drabbled in pure confusion.
patron of misanthropy
avatar of sanity
a bulwark in heathen lands
blasted flawless by the sand
above this quaint opulence,
this risible neurathenia of man,
i cachinate as a blackguard,
travelling these dying lands.
in the ablart of lamentation lupine i walk in knavery,
mordacious with an eerie truth – a rampant obfuscating novelty.
patron of misanthropy
avatar of prophanity
the bulwark of these heathen lands
blasted flawless by the sand

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