inward reflection lyrics – thrown to the sun

closer, draw closer.
i want to feel your eerie silence.
you face, your tongue, your countenance
i need to fathom you out.

spare me of your mask and yield your enthralling skin
drown me in your words. those morbid, fiendish words.

“what is that voice?”

let loose of your mind and don’t let your flesh
for i am hungry for one vision.
deceit flowing out of its stream.

let blood gush forth.
heed your inner call.
this mind will bear you no more.

same eyes, “same face”, same sky, “same sun”.
figment of my shackled mind.
grieving over a handful of doubt.
a lucid truth on a stutter.

“i am more than your flesh.”

the cycle shattered to its pieces of disgust.
and you’re the only soul that have found its cause.

deflect. persistent. answers to infinity lie within the
carnal state.

morbid words. mind drifting apart. fiendish blood. let
it bathe my sh*ll.

blood shall gush forth
it will bathe my sh*ll

an inward reflection, releases me.

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