invitation to reflection lyrics – desecration

it’s easy talk about envviromental protection
calling racists motherf*ckers
wanting hang politicians or change the world
from day to night without a specific objective
talking is easy cause we’re not always direct targets
but did somebody stop and say:
“i’ll do my part, and a little bit more”
invitation to reflection

words are just like the wind
they go, and get lost with time
just words don’t work out
but conscient acts are an alternative
words are limited
don’t see it just like another text
but as a constructive critic
agree or disagree, but, reflect

we can talk how destroying
enviroment is inhuman
but we don’t give a d*mn
to mc’donald’s devasting the rain forest
discussing problems as hunger
talking hard to seen intelligent
it’s easy when stomack is full
but how many times did you help a poor ?
seventy percent of world’s population is poor and ignorant
what’s the priority of a father,
eliminate prejudice and have social consciousness
or keep his family ?
it’s hard trying to chance people like him,
but it’s harder trying to change the whole society
but if n*body makes the first step n*body will
invitation to action !!!

(repeat chorus)

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