intolerance lyrics – internal bleeding

cut down- bleeding as innocence lay dying
revenge – is the only thing that you see
small price to live inside a cell
you’ll die and it will be by my hand

for those that suffered
our hate grows stronger
for those that suffered
our hate grows stronger – now you’ll break down – you
will scream
you will stare for one thousand yards
broken by brutality – broken by brutality
unequaled evil – within me
awakened neck deep
in numbness – focused and violent
disregard – for life
alive in h*ll [2x]

your whole life is suspect
intolerance – conspiracy to overthrow
intolerance – outright lies and savagery
intolerance – i’m screaming out hypocrisy

you gave your life for nothing [2x]
i – am a product of your hate [3x]
despite what you done, say and do
i will always see through your lies

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