into the ithilstone lyrics – brocas helm

i watched for you by the eastern gate
till the bl**dy break of day
then i drove the needle deep
and slowly ran away

dragons to the left of me
demons to the right
the dark lord smiles with scarlet eyes
as the silver vampire bites

a million stars blaze in my hand
and moon flames in my hair
so like the time you touched me first
but this time you’re not there

instead a rider cloaked in black
with deadly dreaming eyes
soars near me on a ghastly steed
whose thunder fills the skies

now lurking near the eastern gate
i hold a crystal blade
it’s edges greened with venom stain
it’s orc-hilt pitted jade

i feel his will gush through my brain
in endless waves of gore
yet, still the question breathes within
who am i waiting forr?

into the ithilstone
reflection searing bright
burning in my private h*ll
caught in the grip of night

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