interpretive decorating lyrics – postman syndrome

i hope you enjoy the ambiance. you can leave your wings
at the door. there’s no need to fly while you’re here,
and if you dare and try i’ll nail your feet to the floor
because this tea was brewed for two: one for me, and one
for you. it’s been too long and now i’m through waiting
for you.
this is my time to write pretty words. this is my day.
the plague of one is cured. bet you a kiss that you’re
growing fur. wish it away. one day we all wish it away.
the way we were, wish it away.3
the only cure. if love turns cold, i’ll call it ice cream
and fake a happy tune. you’ve got your rounds now, but
dear your children are planting maple seeds. i’m sticky
sweetened. i’m gooey hopeful. you’re dripping ten miles
gone. i watched our love freeze; it’s only ice cream. a
pocket’s change could get you more. i’m left hungry.
could one death kill my faith?
locust has rolled over, watch it fly. i watch my locust
eclipse the sky. with melting wing watch that locust fry,
and smiling i’ll watch that locust die.
waiting for you…
i can’t figure out what it is, but she’s slipping from my
grip. i can’t figure out what it is, but she’s squirming
like an infant. she can’t figure out what it is, she said
“you don’t make me feel important.” i can’t figure out
what it is, i ask “what’s it like to feel important?” i
can’t figure out what it is…

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