internal inferno lyrics – broken hope

within my body i can feel the heat
fire shoots from my hands and feet
out of nowhere i combust in a flash
my fevered flesh burns with a blazing rash
from the inside out i now explode
intense internal heat now takes hold
smoke billows out of my ears
i flick a fiery tongue that sears
my simple touches burn and scorch
a fiery flaming human torch

my entire body excretes fire
reduced to a smoldering pyre
my body involuntarily burns me away
cremating myself in a most bizarre way
spontaneous human combustion
intense corporeal eruption

sh*tting napalm in a pyro-diarreah slick
*j*c*l*ting acrid lava from my flaming pr*ck
i self-ignite, can’t stop the burning
a human furnace seething and churning
flammable blood, blazing fuel in my veins
excruciating sensations of the burning
repeat verse and chorus

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