interlude ii – shrouded in darkness lyrics – dethlehem

surrounded by low growls and echoes of screams, the
makes it way into the eternal abandon.

keep your mind steadfast, as we cannot see into the
[lord bonecrush:]
brom, keep the torch high. we need to be ready for
[overlord brom:]
mfmfmfmfmfmfmfmfmmmm (talking through helmet)
[lord bonecrush:]

a faint voice reaches their ears. they approach a
withered old
man who is down to the bone.

[the keeper:]
over here! i knew you’d come!
[lord bonecrush:]
old man, are you one of the ancient beings?
[the keeper:]
yes, however, i am being held captive by a foul being
resurrected by dregmour.
dregmour? who is this you speak of?
[the keeper:]
………s-sorry i fell asleep, what?
[the keeper:]
oh, he is the man you seek behind this slaughter,
he….nevermind that now, i will tell you everything,
but now you must free
me before..oh no it may be too late!
[overlord brom:]
[lord bonecrush:]
brom is right, ready your arms!
[the keeper:]
the spelljammer!

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