inspiration of thou madness – goddess of insanity lyrics – in-quest

honey honey, give me head and let’s and let’s waste
some time
let’s find out where we stand cause i love you so
honey honey, you’re on the way to be wet
i want to play with you, you are so beautiful,
you have this sensual urge

l*stful, innocent

erotic l*st is what we need, fun and games seem to worn
you out
i see you in my eyes, i see you lascivious
let’s pretend we know each other for a while
i see you in my mind, i see you naked

deep inside you
pleasure-loving *rg*sm
swirling in wet tornado

fervent thighs
every morning, real lewd trip, calling the reaper

working our bodies swirling, sweat on your sheets,
gushing my cream with a hot flash of animal l*st

you’re pristine, be my bride, i want you by my side
stroking your flesh, love is immortal

honey honey, give me head until my love is red
just want to lay down and drive you here

l*stful, innocent

something did happen which never happened
i fell in love, more than desire

s*xual obsession
s*xual obsession, mental agression

i take you from behind, licking your wet lips,
you eat my swollen b*lls, i m*ssage your softly
pulling the nipples, i’m c*mming on your back
s*xual obsession?

s*xual obsession, manic depression
s*xual obsession, mental agression

every morning, i hear your gentle voice
whisper sweet nothings, your flamingo pose

the smile on your face, speaks a profound inner peace

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