inspiration lyrics – fifteen

negativity’s too enchanting
’cause the world seems so depressing
but i know it can’t always be
can’t always be that way
i get caught up in my situation
but i know my life’s just begun
we all need inspiration
and the thought of a hundred million smiles
and a hundred million buildings burning to the ground
from a hundred million miles away, i can hear the sound
of a hundred millions burning definitions
and a hundred million dead restrictions
and a hundred million minds set free
from the chains put there a generation before

i can see the world falling to it’s knees
screaming please someone help me
now i can see, we’ve destroyed ourselves with certainty
and this machine will crumble and fade
to a hundred million miles away
where there’s someone just like me
thinking everything will be o.k.
from a hundred million miles i can see a man
and i know he understands
saying your chains are your own
it’s your mirror, so smash it.

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