insomniac lyrics – billy pilgrim

i can see you, don’t even know you
falling into the sheets at night
i place my hands flat on my chest
i feel the heart beat back the night
i try counting sheep, and i talk to the shepherd
and i play with my pillow for ever and ever
i sit alone and i watch the clock
i breathe in on the tick and out on the tock

i can hear your bare feet on the kitchen floor
i don’t have to have these dreams no more
cause i’ve found someone just to hold me tight
hold the insomniac all night
dig my head down deep so i can’t hear the cars outside on the street
and the stars are laughing
they get a kick out of my misery
i tried everything short of aristotle to dramamine
and the whiskey bottle
pray for the day when my ship comes in
i can sleep the sleep of the just again



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