insanitarium lyrics – winterburst

louisville, 19th century
clouds and darkness
in an insanitary chamber
a scream in the night

haunted by the memory
of brutality and madness
the death lurks in corridors
she knows the truth

the rope was taut
the chair rocked
her neck was broken
her soul forever prisoner

the hill remembers again
children who played on the gr*ss
their laughs, their singings
their coughs, the blood on their hands

the train comes
the dead walks
through the night
their green wide open eyes

the little girl waits in the dark
she remembers
like the others
the final operation, the most painful

the blood on the floor
the smile of the doctors

buckle with straps to not move
torn pieces of leather sn*tch

the chest opened in two
the saw that cut their ribs

she remembers the singings of the choir
all standing and circling

the refectory still smell good coffee
although, there’s nothing left
a fade light, the dripping of the water
her shadow appears and disappears
in the middle of the night
the sounds of his steps resound in my head

louisville, 19th century
world of sadness

the moon shine
the girl cries
smock and wine
the doctor smiles

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