infinite consecration lyrics – cirith gorgor

(lyrics: astaroth daemonum)

our citadel still stands
our throne is not yet conquered
our symbols are still consecrated
to the purity of the night

there is an ancient world to reveal
and once the gates may open wide
to gain the treasures of earth with splendid fire
and when all seems conquered and disdain
a breath of ancient death p*sses by
we celebrate the forthcoming dawn of might

our devoted spirit dwells in melancholy
for we have wandered through most ancient times
under the veils of darkness and light
when gazing through nightly eyes
true wisdom is still left to find

“this deep world of darkness do we dread?
how oft amidst thick clouds and dark doth heavn’s all-ruling sire
choose to reside, his glory un*bscur’d
and with the majesty of darkness round
covers his throne, from whence deep thunders roar”

we wander cloaked by the colours of deep forests
we fight armed with steel shining like the brightest stars
we roam cloaked by the greyness of an empty dawn
and we reap the fields veiled by the blackness of the night
now the time of harvest has come close by
and soon we shall conquer the essence of shadows and light

our citadel stands strong
our throne will never be conquered
our symbols eternally devoted
to the essence of the night

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