inferno lyrics – red descending

suffering will lead us to the end
what i’ve seen so far
the true conflict of man

eastern kings have given up on us
it’s fair enough, we drove them to the edge

and will peace ever see the light?
or will arrogance kill our sight
to escape the inferno

crying son run for your life
for this time you cannot fight
we have reached the point of no return

culture gave you so much hope
but now it seems so dead to most

legends of ancestors’ brave crusade
heroic battles and the fearless men who fell

now we struggle for an antidote
shown in black and white
which sees us lose our mind

why? crush their destiny?

agony, tyranny
to cut you from your prime and bring you to your knees
misery indefinitely
the dragon holds you down as you struggle to breathe

master please rid this disease
remove me from your torment and the chamber of deceit

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