incipience to the butchery lyrics – edge of sanity

the ghoul has reached my coffin now he
smash the lid. all i see is darkness and
two shining eyes. crawling to the church
and in a stream of light i see my mutila-
ted remains gore instead of flesh. rotten
and filled with maggots i search for
modern life i would die to see, my kids
and wife. a scream break the silence (*) a
human being died. shocked of this morbid
sight. crawling in the night. i’m so near
my dying place, i can see my loved. i open
the door and there she stands, i hear the
children scream.
lead: andreas
lead: sami
i saw people die, as dead as i was. the
children puked then died, love has tur-
ned to carrion.

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