in unmet chambers slain lyrics – deathless

from the vision the meditations of dreaming the lines
a human respite bleed away the scarred emotions of time and fire the reputation the stone
delerium tells the tale all rack and ruin caressing the face with tiny outstreched moments
discretion a demonstration astride the vision it cries of simple pain and pleasures too
to comprehend expression the memories born of the solitude the widow is torn stand to
side in unmet chambers she is slain memories as lies – impressions memories as lies –
expression memories as lies – memorise silence the face of the messenger – a savage the
of the messenger of pain spilling the lines of eternity imprisoned as memories of
futile fate rising above the perfection whilst it sears the banner of recividist pate savage
face of the messenger is savage the face of the messenger it hates i am the lord of pain

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