in the name of gomorrah lyrics – nominon

goddess of disease, witches in disguise
at the burning stake they are all born
rising flames of torment, let them burn
stinking stupid c*nts, we obey them

yellow rain of nothing but p*ss
with a smile on the face and a knife in hand
unleash the s*d*sts once and for all
no point running, they will make you fall

in the name of the father and the goat
makes sodom and gomorrah tremble in fear
your body is crawling on the filthy floor
with my rifle i impaled the wh*r*

i found your corpse buried six feet below
my shovel accidentally cut you in half
your body smells like a rotten pig
that’s why i can’t get enough of you

the bloodthirst makes me go insane
one more round and i’ll be done for today
pleasures of rotten flesh and pus
when you and i become one with the art

don’t care at all about your corpse
the bl**dy grin on your face is so annoying
feel like a lunatic when i c*m inside

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