in spiritual spheres lyrics – near death condition

surrounded by the human beings i cannot progress in my
spiritual quest
suffocating in a world where the divine values have no
replaced by the ephemeral and narcissistic visions
of the meaning of life that the gods have granted us

i long for this solitude that people usually fear
to find myself and the divine part of me
isolated my spirit is rising to the firmament
to be one with the ineffable creator

you are afraid of linear time and death
but these are just creations of the mind
the real world in a perpetual cycle
is created and destroyed to arise again and again
in spiritual spheres the blossoming is complete
through meditation my heart has opened the real world
the forces of the universe are penetrating me
allowing me to live beyond time and death

love and hate aroused by the impure soliciting
i need to dream off these unhealthy feelings
isolated i’m not overwhelmed by emotions i can’t
at last i can drift off to a spiritual level
in spiritual spheres love is a concept that’s fading
as bliss fills entirely my heart and my soul
blowing out all the weak human emotions
impurity making place to complete purity

i see death as the ultimate achievement
the withering of the body giving life to the spirit
disembodied, free of this hurting mortal sh*ll
i will forever shine in spiritual spheres

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