in silence forever lyrics – godgory

i am walking in the winter night
under the moon alone
shadows hanging over me
like painful memories
can’t you tell me where i belong
in this society
i don’t care about anything
it’s all destiny

someone else is telling us
how were suppossed to feel
i am so sick of it
the news on t.v.
if you don’t feel like others do
then you’re a stranger
can’t help it but i hate it all
then i’m danger

my head is full of voices
which are calling me
i can’t sleep because they speaking
my mind is full i want it free
sometimes it feels i wanna cry
i wanna scream i wanna die
can’t you see i’m afraid
to fall a sleep and let voices take
control of me like they done before
i’m not sure i can take no more
sometimes i need to clear my head
in silence, in silence forever

sometimes i need to be
alone in silence
sometimes it’s hard to be
solitude in silence
i guess it doesn’t matter to you
how i am feeling
that’s the sign you’re giving me
when you never set me free

i am walking alone again
no one can touch me
i need this to clear my head
the cure is pleasing

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