in quest lyrics – inhumate

caught in the endless turmoil of the invisible, absurd downfall
my eyes can’t see anymore, my feelings are lost,
suicide hangs
the divine process of the sixth day grows in me,

sublime revival, atonement of my body and soul
amnesic adam, lost and disconcerted
where is the way which leads to the garden of eden
each peace of art is a peace of memory, but we have lost so much

where is our father?
has he forgotten us?
i research my ”me”
through the limbs of art!

why, in my dreams, can i fly and reach the sky?
what are these weights which keep me down there
and make me live a nightmare?

sons of the earth
the subtle division between
mind and body
make us feel so sick.

without conscious we are just meat!

i, the human being, am in quest of my real nature!
science can’t give the final answer.
philosophy, help me!
don’t let me die blind!
just give me the light!
the light!
just give me the light!

i am at the start of my long quest…

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