in green fields lyrics – big drill car

critters, hahahaha
i saw something i want
and the thought of her
still haunts and it won’t go away,
i was so turned down
i didn’t want to say
now miles from you
and i don’t think you knew
how could you though
i ran real fast but i
feel i walked to slow
and it’s hard to say
from far away
i wanna see her in green fields
in green fields
a darling face
you know she ran the place
and that was cool
i did a little move
for i’d fear i’d lose before
and now i’m sad,
she’s the best thing i ever had
and that’s not right
it’s been real fun
but you gotta to say goodnight
her face was shining
oh, man she looked so fine
but i moved slow
saw her before and i hope
i see some more, but i don’t know
next time you’re there
please let her know i care
and that will be fine
i know i will get back there in time
and when i do, i’ll see her walking
through in green fields, yeah

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