in conspiracy with satan lyrics – bathory

the lies of christ will lose
the ways of h*ll i chose
i drink the floating blood
defy the fury of god

i have turned my back on christ
to h*ll i have sacrificed
i have made love to the pagan queen
the gates of h*ll i have seen

i heard the angels cry
i watched the witches fly
i saw the clouds of death
slowly blackening the sky

i read the book of spell
i chimed death’s ancient bell
and when i die i have a place
reserved in h*ll

in conspiracy with satan

i ride the bloodstained goat
i let the brewage float
i have seen the reaper’s face
and walked through eternal haze

i have kissed my master’s hand
i have seen the children of the d*mned
i heard the demons call
and seen a thousand virgins fall

[repeat verse 3]

[repeat verse 4]

[repeat chorus]

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