i’m dead lyrics – esham

who stole my soul? you tryin to kill me, how you gonna kill a
dead man?
i’m already dead you can’t kill me you god d*mn b*st*rd!
i’m ddeaaaaaaaad

i know you tryin ta kill me
i’m dead, i’m dead i’m dead, i’m deeeeeaaaaaaaaad

i’m comin in but i need some therapy
i gotta stay medicated just to keep some clarity
my cranium cracked open and started smokin
fire comes outta my mouth when words are spoken
i spit this sickness, slit ya wrist with the quickness
the wicked one with the wicked tongue
i close my eyes and see visions of n*gg*z bustin guns
snatch ya tongue outcha mouth and you’ll hafta hum
come get some, be another victim
and i dog fight all night when i hear sick em
because i’m dead (i know you tryin to kill me)
slugs to the head, blood stains on his shirt turn red
never thought i’d get twisted like a dred, deceased so rest in
peace i said


i’m dead from a bullet from a gun
emptied out two clips not one
narcles raid, you best run or you’ll be locked down can’t see no
when ya dead, you don’t give a f*ck bout what’s goin on
whats on the radio, what a number one song?
b*tch don’t blow my bust
cause if you do, i just might hafta put a few in you
cause you don’t have a clue, you know who the f*ck you talkin
lil’ hoe, ay yo watch me go quasimodo
so live n*gg*z copy the dead like a photo
never rap about fans named stan like a hoe doe


kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me

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