i’ll try lyrics – jesse mccartney

i am not a child now.
i can take care of myself.
i mustn’t let them down now
mustn’t let them see me cry.
i’m fine.
i’m fine.
i’m to tired to listen.
i’m too old to believe:
all these childish stories.
there is no such thing as faith,
and trust,
and pixie dust.
i try,
but its to hard to believe.
i try,
but i can’t see what you see.
i try
i try
i try
my whole world is changing,
i don’t know where to turn.
i can’t leave you baby,
but i can’t stay and watch the sitting burn;
watch it burn.
’cause i try,
but its so hard to believe!
i try,
but i can’t see where you see.
i try.
i try
i try and try,
to understand,
the distance in between:
the love i feel,
the things i fear,
i dearly say good dream.
i can finally see it.
now i have to believe:
all those precious stories.
all the world is made of faith,
and trust,
and pixie dust.
so i’ll try,
’cause i finally believe!
i’ll try,
’cause i can see where you see!
i’ll try.
i’ll try!
i’ll try
i’ll try
to fly.

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