icon lyrics – dharma

i escape to coma
where it’s beautiful,where i can reach you
lost in dream’s cold misty fog
i ‘m waiting to take me with you

wonderful alien
tinkling voices
you twisted my mind
i suffer from the silence take me to your paradise

open your arms wide open
and hold me tight
fly with me
into the starlit night

original, wanted ,fake it is
kingdom of illusion
and he could be unexplainable
dope created icon

i ‘m living the death
i ‘m living in the darkness
heavenly h*ll on earth
the man the drugs the hate and the pain
that makes me feel like dirt

and maybe if you come to your
sacred angel one time
i could be released from this
empty world that’s not mine

when i see the light
i have to hide just one more time
and you know why
so hard to say good bye

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