icarus lyrics – knights of round

oh, why don’t you set me free from the dark labyrinth
release me and i will go far from the sadness
songs of birds, sounds of waves invite me to the
i know my limitation has come
i believe in the fortune and utopia over there
sunrise beyond the horizon makes a new truth
blowing wind lets me know they never betray
i decided to use my father’s wings

now for my freedom
fly like an angel
seeing the blue sky
it’s just a glory
how can i flap away?
bright view won’t refuse me
goddess will bless me
it’s time

i cannot accept my fate
my sight is filled with the gate
i feel the moment like forever
the blue is calling me
the wings were scattered beautifully decorated the
the sea around there was named icarus

[chorus 2x]

natures don’t change
that day, the sea, the sky was blue
even now, he is flying for the sun of ambition
at last, he got the real wings
no one prevents
fly, fly high
the sky of icarus

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