i wonder if heaven gotta ghetto lyrics – dizzy wright

[verse 1]
ive been struggling for years
so many tears that they dried out
right now, i’m juss looking for a hideout
the times now, to try to touch souls
but the wright road fo’sho, don’t seem to have no light
so i bury myself into the darkness
kobe on the office but a niqqa heartless
whats fame without p*ssion? nonsense
searching for love but can’t find n*body to bond with
i’m looking for solutions
the wright road, thats the m*th*f*ckin movement
loose lips sink ships, thats useless
& it be the closest m*th*f*ckas that you move with
watch out cuz you could be next
get in the game cuz your *ss wanna be fresh
i wanna see less of people tryna seek death
we don’t need iphones, niqqas need help… believe that
i bet they understanding me now
i was juss a lil guy as the man of the house
devil taking all these souls & yall handing them out
& then we got the weird m*th*f*ckas standing around
like… d*mn?
damaged with these so not souls
so for free, i’m letting everybody know
we all need to get it together, its getting close
& we ain’t getting young, we only getting old
so if i’m wrong… alone… & if i’m long… gone

i wonder if heaven gotta ghetto?
i wonder if heaven gotta ghetto?
i wonder if heaven gotta ghetto?
i wonder if heaven gotta ghetto?
i ask myself “i wonder if heaven gotta ghetto?”

[verse 2]
see, i’m living on earth
let me tell you whats this black life’s worth
nothing but a dolla & a curse
go & sn*tch a purse, from a lady tryna make it work
& your *ss juss prolly made it worse
its a m*th*f*ckin shame what we’ll do to survive
f*ck up a life juss so we can get by
don’t wanna trip when our family get-got
like we don’t know the devil don’t be on his f*ckin job
i wonder, how i come from under with power to make the
world shift?
new daddy, i been on my baby girl sh*t
i give her the world with a lil discipline
with every predicament, i juss wanna get it in
but men don’t got rights to they first child
& somehow, i gotta make this sh*t work out
cuz the state don’t give a f*ck about a debt
they don’t care if you a daddy, they juss wanna get a
don’t care if you depressed, if you ain’t gotta dolla
your a dead-beat by law & you owe it to their mama
drama what they caused, if you ask me
but sh*t, thats prolly why no one ask me
i’m dizzy d flashy, the rebel… & if i die


[verse 3]
see, there ain’t no hope for the future
you are not alrite, not suicidal but you live a
suicidal life
put your… self in positions, i know it looks
but we gotta make better decisions
we living in a life full of sin
where everybody tryna get it in
i don’t care where you goin, i care where you been
so talk about that when you tryna talk… big
see, i got a problem with the feeling of things
we so blinded by material things
see, everything is overlooked now… i give up
life is all about a quick dolla & a quick nut
f*ck, i need guidance… we’re disgrace to races
i was raised in vegas, i was raised to make it
place your hatin… state beliefs
i’m in these streets cuz my daughter need a place to
she gotta eat, i got a family i’m tryna feed
but am i wrong if i do wrong & get that green?
i’m re… lieved whenever i provide, every time that i
look in her eyes
so if i die, i tried & did my job… as a pops


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