i wish lyrics – king missile

i wish i had a story to tell
i wish i knew the story of the cardboard man
or the talking film canister, or the spoon that moved

i wish i knew the one about the wise guru
or the honest lizard
i wish i knew about the dog that dressed like a cat
or the mule that walked like rock
or the tornado who swam like a statue of carmen miranda

i wish i knew all these stories or had the inclination to make them up
i wish i could sit on soft pillows and drink molten lava
i wish i could make love to the sky
i wish i could eat the corn of joy and sorrow

i wish the sky was green and my body was bright blue
i wish i could talk sideways and backwards
i wish i could drive the tractor of innocence
and return the the life i never knew

i wish i could drink chocolate champagne
i wish i had that fax number
i wish that nothing could mean something
and that everybody could have everything

some wishes come true
some of these wishes will come true
others are destined to become dreams deferred
shriveling up like grapes with sun tans

but all is not lost
no, all is not lost, not yet

i wish i had 3 eyes, but of course, i have 3 eyes
i have clairvoyant paranoia
i have precognitive dissonance
i have many other ways of seeing at my disposal

i have a garbage disposal, dinner plans and dog biscuits
i have many many options and a strong sense that freedom is within
where i shall never find it
freedom is lost, failure is just around the corner

and the only thing that consoles me is the sound of my voice
and the fact that i don’t cut myself shaving as often i used to
but of course, i don’t shave as often as i used to either

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