i want to remember lyrics – raintime

thought to be alone,
thought to be free.
thinking of nothing,
i just spend all the days in dreams.
where the problems don’t exist.
where the sun shines out upon me.
i wanted to catch him.
i followed his light.
i had never seen the night.
she was ready to show the world i denied.
now i thank her.

i want to remember the sweetest dream i lived.
i want to remember the greatest life i dreamed.

need to prove myself i can be a new me.
thinking of everything. i spend all the days with you.
and the problems so far away, and my spirit will help you.
i’ll show you the sunrise. i’ll show you the life.
i will never tell you lies.
i’m ready to feel the world i denied.
now i thank you.

i want to remember the dream of my life.
i say sorry for the pain that i felt.
i hope you forgive me for the bad thoughts i had.
i say sorry for all the tears i denied.
i was scared. i was blind. i was young. thank you

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