i think i can hear you lyrics – carole king

what must i do
how can i serve you
is it true what i do is the way
to be near you

i’m listening
though sometimes
i can’t hear you

looking around
fills me with wonder
at the way you can keep
this old world running smoothly
thinking of you always
seems to soothe me

i know you’re probably
not a man or a woman
or a time or a season

but i’m here, and life is dear
and i guess that’s a good
enough reason to say

just let me do
what you put me here to
let me be what you want me to be
and i hope it’ll cheer you

i’m listening
and i think
i can hear you

even when i thought i didn’t believe
you believed in me
and everyone is a part of you
and anyone can know you
all they’ve got to do is be

i’m listening
and i think
i can hear you

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