i still miss my ex-girlfriend (but my aim is improving) lyrics – ennui breathes malice

tragedy! words bitten by the frost of your heart send
love – smudged lipstick looks like blood – looks like
blood – blood! sweat that thought into a plastic cup then
dry your eyes of me – i’m scrubbing each and every one of
those ridiculous ideas! you’re just another set of (fake)
eyelashes and pair of splendid, perky t*ts! death frowns
a dagger toward her – ot scowls a bullet directly her way
– death finds a way – death will taint our days! shoot
your thoughts into a mouldy tissue box and wipe your
thigh til clean – i’m washing away every trace of the
sc*m in this insidious reverie! the only difference
between azure and pink, all depends on the pressure of
your lethal f*cking grip – get a grip! tragedy has no
reason – no purpose in my life! no reason! no tragedy has
no f*cking reason in out lives – none! tragedy has no
f*cking reason in our lives. it will never have any
purpose here in our lives!

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