i snub you lyrics – iggy pop


you are a moron
i’m glad to be here
seeing the sight of you
smelling the smell of you

you most deplorable glaring example
of a degenerate narcotic influence
my seething hate is driving me nuts
what can i do to obliterate you

i snub you
i really hope you’re one of a kind
you don’t care who you brutalize
you are a bully plain and simple

you are a beast you are a pig
you’ve been a pig for long enough now
i’m making my move
i’m making an end to you

i snub you
and when i snub
i really snub
i snub you finally, forever

is she really going out with him?
now is the time
i’m playing my ate
i’ll give you a mouthful you can’t swallow

unquestionably i’ve been lacking in taste
you’re being cheerful but not for long
your mum and dad they sure made a mess
you’re going to look like watercress

when i snub you
he snubs you
we snub you
dogs snub you
i snub you

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