i say, you tell lyrics – 88 miles per hour

you say “it’s no big deal”, then why am i so taut?
you tell me to cool down
it takes a fool to project when he is right, right?
i’ve calmed down, thanks a lot

so what am i still doing here with you?
should have been in bed hours ago,
but i can’t go through, i won’t go through

sleep tight knowing that someone hates you, but can’t escape you tonight
i promised i would not let this overtake me
you’re right because i don’t want to do this
you say “don’t worry, it happens to everyone”

i say “these eyes will be the end of me”
the end of what? a stupid boy who doesn’t know what he wants?
takes a foolish person to say those things
takes an even bigger one to sit back and accept them

p*ssion, comp*ssion
i’m not sure which one i’m feeling now
take me home i’ve been understanding too long
i’m done with you

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